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About Omni-Chem136 LLC

Omni-Chem136 is the world’s largest network of independent chemical distributors.

Combined sales of more than $5.2 B, the Omni-Chem136 alliance is a world leader in chemical distribution. By leveraging the combined assets, infrastructure and service capabilities of our member companies, we are able to provide globally competitive, locally responsive supply chain services to both our customers and the world’s leading chemical manufacturers.

What We Do

With more than 2,400 employees, 150 locations, 40 million gallons of bulk storage and over 8 million square feet of warehousing capacity,
the Omni-Chem136 alliance has the capability, experience and resources for large scale integrated chemical distribution while at the same time delivering products and services to customers in a flexible, personalized approach, typical of a smaller scale independent distribution. We are globally competitive but locally responsive. Through our 16 member companies, Omni-Chem136 offers a diversified range of products and services that touch essentially every segment of the chemical industry… from commodity industrial chemicals to specialty and fine ingredients.

Customer Service Advantage

The Omni-Chem136 alliance exists for the sole purpose of providing the most cost effective and highest quality customer service possible. On average, the 16 companies that make up the Omni-Chem136 alliance have more than 75 years of history in chemical distribution, each with a long tradition of unparalleled customer service. Through the Omni-Chem136 alliance we are able to extend the same quality of service to customers with manufacturing locations throughout the world.

Channel-to-Market Solutions for Manufacturers

At Omni-Chem136 we recognize that as chemical distributors we provide channel-to-market services to manufacturers. By building and maintaining open and trusting relationships with manufacturers, we have created a high quality and effective channel-to-market alternative for the world’s leading chemical producers. Our extensive network of distribution facilities combined with our sales and marketing expertise provides chemical manufacturers with comprehensive channel-to-market solutions.



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We have over 150 distribution locations across North America.

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